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Compost For Sale

Black Gold, Texas Tea

Abundant Life Farm takes much pride in her interest in compost. Equipped with a 300 gallon tea brewer (filled with microbial java juice), a high-powered microscope (to check on the numbers of microbes in the java juice) and dedicated spraying equipment, Abundant Life is sure to get any pile composting quickly and yes we have Compost For Sale, by the bag, by the pail or by the truck full.

Additional Information: http://www.seekeronline.org/journals/y2006/mar06part1.html

Abundant Life Farm accepts all forms of organic waste

Either dropped off or by scheduled pick up

Animal Manure Problem? contact us:

Contact us for more information.

and we can start to make some plans for either on site composting or carting off for offsite composting.

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